About the OmniExplorer API

Warning:  API requests to legacy versions of the API and to omnichest.info URLs will be unavailable from December 2016. Please ensure you are using the current OmniExplorer.info ASK API.×

The OmniExplorer API allows developers to quickly and accurately interrogate the Omni Layer state allowing retrieval of property data, address balances, transaction history, trade data and much more over a simple HTTP interface.

The API is provided as a courtesy, so please do not abuse it. The purpose of the API is to facilitate development by encouraging new developers to get involved via lowering the technical know-how needed to interact with the Omni ecosystem.

  • Please do not resell data from the OmniExplorer API.
  • Please do not build production systems using the API. It's not intended for commercial use (and is clearly not a decentralized source).
  • We reserve the right to rate-limit or ban IP addresses that abuse the API.
  • Existing APIs from OmniChest.info will remain available for backwards compatibility until December 2016 only.

Please see the documentation for further information.