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Omni Feature List

Feature IDDescriptionActivation BlockStatus

Class C Transactions

Once activated support for Class C transactions will be enabled which moves the data encoding from bare-multisig data outputs to an OP_RETURN output. OP_RETURN outputs carry no output value and can be immediately pruned. In addition to migrating data encoding to OP_RETURN, the requirement to send an output to the Exodus address is also removed.


Trade Omni Pairs

Once activated the MetaDEx and associated transactions will be enabled and trading against Omni pairs (where one side of the trade is Omni) will be enabled.


Betting Transactions

Once activated betting transactions will be enabled. This feature has been placed on-hold.


Remove Grant Transaction Potential Side Effects

Once activated the Grant Tokens transaction will no longer trigger passive crowdsale participation. Prior to activation, the Grant Tokens transaction type may trigger crowdsale participation as a secondary effect if the recipient of the granted tokens has an active crowdsale for the granted property.


Disable "Over Offers" On The Distributed Exchange

Once activated it is no longer valid to create orders on the basic distributed exchange which offer more tokens than the seller has available. Prior to activation the amount for sale is adjusted based on the actual balance.


Send All Transaction

Once activated the new Send All transaction type is enabled. The Send All transaction transfers available balances of all tokens in the specified ecosystem from the source to the reference destination.


Disable Crowdsale Ecosystem Crossover

Once activated the tokens issued via crowdsale must be in the same ecosystem as the tokens desired. Prior to activation it is possible to create crowdsales which issue test ecosystem tokens in exchange for main ecosystem tokens and vice versa.


Trade All Pairs

Once activated trading of any property against any other (within the same ecosystem) will be enabled on the Distributed Exchange.


Fee System

Once activated fees will be collected from cross-property Send To Owners and trading of non-Omni pairs on the Distributed Exchange (there is no fee for trading Omni pairs). The party removing liquidity from the market will incur a 0.05% fee which will be transferred to the fee cache, and subsequently distributed to holders of the Omni token.


Cross Property Send-To-Owners

Once activated distributing tokens via the Send To Owners transaction will be allowed to cross properties if using version 1 of the transaction. Tokens of property X then may be distributed to holders of property Y.


Allow Using Bitcoin To Participate In Crowdsales

Once activated the use of Bitcoin to participate in crowdsales is enabled.


Publish Feed Transaction

Once activated the new Publish Feed transaction type is enabled. The Publish Feed transaction allows the publishing of a value which may be later referenced by Omni transactions (eg future smart contracts). Multiple feeds may be published from the same address (using differing feed references) and multiple Publish Feed transactions from the same address using the same feed reference may be used to form a feed history.